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crafting heritage and embodying tradition

Discover The Capsule Collection

Every creation embodies the essence of Iracema's mission: to celebrate tradition, empower communities, and redefine fashion. Each piece is more than just a garment; it's a story waiting to be told



ïracema stands as a tribute to artisanal hand-craftsmanship, opposing the tide of mass production. Instead, we embrace storytelling through slow fashion, cherishing the traditions woven into each piece.  More than a fashion brand, Iracema is a platform that embodies the essence of genuine partnerships and  timeless creativity. Our aim is to showcase and celebrate artisanal craft while  generating more autonomy and income for primarily female artisans.  Our curated collection were meticulously sourced directly from Indigenous Organizations, ensuring authenticity and ethical sourcing. With   ïracema, each item proudly carries the name of the artisan and the indigenous community on its label, providing complete transparency, origin guarantee, and traceability. Through this commitment, we not only offer unique pieces deeply rooted in tradition but also establish a direct connection between you and the talented artisans behind every creation.

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